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by GIR
Original price $10.00 - Original price $16.50
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$10.00 - $16.50
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Color: Studio White

It combines the everyday utility of a spatula with the gently curved bowl of a spoon to make for one of our all-time favorite utensils.

The Ultimate Spoonula is a spatula + spoon that does it all. This spoonula has a sharp edge for scraping and precise scooping. A wide, extra-deep bowl for the really heavy stuff. And perfect flexibility at the blade.

Dimensions: 11.1 in L x 2.5 in W

The Mini Spoonula is a miniature version of our groundbreaking Spoonula: flexible edge and durable bowl for getting into all of the nooks and crannies of your small bowls, narrow cans and jars.

Dimensions: 8.3 in L x 1.8 in W

The Skinny Spoonula is an elongated version of our ultimate size. It has the length to reach into the very bottom of all of your jars and the dexterity to scoop out every last bit.