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Welcome to Berry + Basil.

It all started with a great friendship and a crazy idea. We’re just two ladies who thought it would be fun to open a little kitchen store on our small town’s Main Street. With the help of our amazing husbands and supportive families, we’ve been blessed with growth that exceeded our initial hopes and expectations.

An extension of ourselves.

When we began the planning process for the brick-and-mortar location of Berry + Basil, we knew that it needed to be welcoming, inspiring, and feature items that spark joy. It needed to be an environment where we wanted to spend our days and draw people from miles around.

We hope to bring that same atmosphere to our online store. When you shop with us, we hope you find items that bring function and beauty to your life. As our website product selection grows, so will our content and features. We will add our personal touches every chance we get.  (Angi is the photographer, and Cindy, the writer).

Pretty things make us happy.

We have strived to be a small-town provider of worldly necessities. As we’ve curated brands and products, we have personally chosen items that we use, or our friends and family know and recommend. We’ve sought out American-made products and researched product lines that meet our standards. Our goal is to provide functional, high-quality, fairly priced, and pretty items. The kitchen is the one place that shouldn’t frustrate us. The art of cooking and baking should be cherished and enjoyed with tools that make our lives easier. Your kitchen should be filled with pretty things that make you happy.

Small town joys with big-city perks.

It surprises some that our store is in a community of fewer than 3,000 people. We knew there was a need and desire for kitchenware, gourmet foods, and hard-to-find items. We may be a small town, but we appreciate quality along with our friends, neighbors, and customers. We love living a big city life without having to live in a big city.

The finer things.

Did you open in 2020? Amid a global pandemic? Sure, why not. With all the struggles associated with COVID, home-cooked family meals became the shining light during a very dark time. Our mission is to bring people together. To be inspired to entertain their family and friends and feel confident in creating a memorable experience. To gather, love, and cherish the most important things.

So, pour a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine and join us. 

With love,

Angi + Cindy

Co-owners and Curators of Joy