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Meat: The Ultimate Cookbook

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Meat: The Ultimate Cookbook is the definitive guide to preparing meat. 

What is better than that first bite of a succulent steak prepared to perfection as a rush of dopamine overcomes your senses? Meat has been part of every culture since we learned to hunt. Competitions have ensued to determine who has the best meat recipe around. Many partys find attendees hanging out around grills waiting for the perfect main course to be ready. This is the only cookbook the omnivore in your life will need, and inside you will find: 

- Over 300 mouthwatering, internationally inspired easy-to-follow meat recipes
- Chapters designed specifically for beef, pork, lamb, goat, wild game (like venison), and poultry
- Gorgeous original photography that brings the recipes to life
- Inteviews with notable farmers and chefs
- Butchering techniques
- A guide to brines, rubs, and sauces
- Sides, salads, and accompaniments that take your meat to the next level

No matter if you are using the oven, grill, Dutch oven, or a skillet, chef and restaurateur Keith Sarasin details how best to respect the hard work and energy required to bring meat from the fields to the table.