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KinderKitchen Mixing Set 3pc

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Discover kinderkitchen® – a world packed to the brim with fun, animal surprises and very special farm animals! Each animal in the Kinderkitchen® family invites children to playfully discover the world of cooking as well as life on the farm.

Consisting of a non-slip bowl, an ergonomically-shaped whisk and a handy spoon, this animal-themed triplet turns each food preparation chore into an exciting game! Whether it’s whisking eggs for yummy pancakes, or preparing the batter for a tasty tray bake. Animal fun for all the family is guaranteed!

  • Designed especially for children’s hands
  • Bowl with non-slip feet and handles on both sides
  • Spoon and whisk with ergonomically-shaped handles
  • The spoon holds exactly 15 ml
  • Higher rim on the spoon helps prevent spillages
  • Effortless to use
  • Easy to clean