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Gotzee Peeler Set

by Gotze
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The set of three includes a julienne slicer, peeler, and mandolin.

Julienne slicer: The best julienne slicer in the world, zucchini noodles, and even spaghetti butternut squash, everything quickly and with perfect thickness, which makes it a favorite among chefs worldwide.

Gotze peeler: The production technology we have developed allows our knife to stay sharp over time and be resistant to all conditions and be able to peel any vegetable or fruit in 2 directions thanks to our dual blades.

Skins peel off quickly like melted butter without gouging your fruits or veggies. It takes off just the right amount, so you save more precious produce.

Peel and cut any vegetable or fruit that exists, from tomato to pineapple and butternut squash, includes a potato eye remover at the tip.
Handle designed for maximum comfort: The handle is comfortable for both right and left-handed use and makes peeling lovely — it includes a hole for easy hanging.
Mandolin: In a second, the red part connects to the peeler and creates a mini mandolin, a high-quality and compact sharp mandolin.
Strong and durable.
Will does not clog with peels.
Effortless and fast peeling and cutting experience
Dishwasher safe.
Stainless-steel construction.
Stays sharp for a long time.