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Gigante Beans

by Simpli
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SIMPLi Beans are Regenerative Organic Certified®! Gigante beans are quite literally “giant” white runner beans. Our gigantes are sourced directly from the mountains of Kastoria, Greece where they are a Protected Geographic Ingredient (PGI). Grown and cultivated locally for thousands of years, we work with generational farmers who are experts in these heirloom beans. They are full of buttery flavor and have a melt-in-your-mouth creamy texture, making them the basis for many iconic Northern Greek dishes. Gigantes are perfect for soaking up spices in your favorite brothy bean dishes, and can easily be swapped for other white beans in your favorite recipes. They contain 13g of fiber per serving, high levels of protein, essential minerals, and are low in fat. They are a unique addition to any bean lover’s pantry! Sourcing location: Kastoria, Greece Crop rotations: Lentils, chickpeas Flavor profiles: Buttery Texture: Plump, Firm