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Fat Separator

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When you're making savory gravies and sauces, you'll love the ease and convenience of this ingenious fat separator. The key to its efficiency is a design that filters roasting-pan drippings, separating out the fat and then allowing you to dispense healthy, flavorful meat juices with a single press of a lever.

  • Super-efficient tool quickly separates fat from drippings, creating a healthy foundation for sauces and gravies.
  • Just add pan drippings, let fat rise to the top, then press the lever to dispense the pure meat juices through the bottom of the cup.
  • An integrated strainer removes any solids as you pour drippings into the separator, filtering out bits of meat, vegetables and herbs.
  • Unique lever system lets you dispense meat juices with one-handed ease.
  • Fat separator quickly comes apart for easy cleaning.
  • Made of ultra-durable Tritan® that's both heat-resistant and BPA-free.