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Crepe Spatula + Spreader

by HIC
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Mrs. Anderson's Baking Crepe Spatula and Rake Set are designed to easily create delicate crepe pancakes in everyday medium-large cookware, no specialty crepe pans required! Whether making sweet crepes or savoury galettes, Mrs. Anderson's Crepe Tools make the process easy. The uniquely shaped crepe rake quickly spreads crepe batter into a perfectly thin layer. The beveled crepe spatula gently lifts, and turns, the delicate crepes to cook on both sides, then removes them from the pan for serving without tearing or breaking them apart. Made from Romanian beechwood, they're gentler when handling papery-thin crepes than using traditional cooking utensils, they won't transfer heat to hands, and they won't scratch non-stick cookware. The rake measures 7.48 x 7-inches and the spatula is 15 x 1.96 x 0.2-inches. Mrs. Anderson's Crepe Spatula and Rake Tools are strong and durable, and heat safe to 200-degrees Fahrenheit. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.