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Ankarsum Assistant

Original price $749.95 - Original price $749.95
Original price
$749.95 - $749.95
Current price $749.95
Color: Gloss White

Each Assistent Original standard package includes accessories to make cooking easier and provide invaluable help when baking everything from cakes to breads.

  • Built to handle what they hold in a 7L Stainless bowl 
  • 7 yr warranty on the motor and base... proof of reliability
  • Simple design with motor in the base to provide stability
  • no interfering center post or overhead arm..see, feel and add at ease
  • at 14 inches fits on your counters even when in use
  • 2 bowls and 4 mixing attachments with each mixer 
  • Great color assortment baked onto die-cast aluminum base
  • did we mention...Hand built in Sweden