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Salted Maple Blondie Sip

by Sip
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Sip Herbals began in 2020, when founders Kelly + Orleatha realized their beloved morning coffee routine was causing health challenges. Combine that with the other negatives of coffee –- anxiety, jitters, caffeine, and sustainability concerns – the stars were aligned to bring Sip Herbals to life. After spending a decade researching, learning, and sharing how real food helped us feel better, we sought to include those who had been excluded and to create a sustainable coffee alternative - both for our bodies + for the planet.

Tasting Notes: Slightly Sweet, Maple Date, Nutty Experience a unique coffee alternative with our slightly sweet blend that boasts maple and date notes with a vanilla finish. This brew is a delightful chicory coffee substitute that steeps like tea but feels like coffee. What’s inside this innovative blend: Chicory root: Forms the core of our coffee substitute, creating a coffee-like body and is packed with probiotics and antioxidants. Carob: Imparts a coffee-like chocolate afternote, rich in natural calcium. Our blend provides the comforting feel of coffee without matching its exact taste, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a coffee substitute. Packed with health-boosting ingredients, try this chicory coffee for a unique and satisfying experience