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Facetted Clip Top Jar 63.4 fl oz

by Kilner
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Canning and preserving food is a long and storied tradition that's regained popularity over the last few years. Not only can you make delicious jams and sweets through canning, but you can also can soups, sauces and other homemade foods in order to avoid going to the store as often. Start canning your food and saving your cash with the 63.4oz Facetted Clip Top Jar from world-renowned canning jar brand Kilner!

Based in the UK, Kilner has been known for their canning supplies for years, and are one of the most trusted jar manufacturers out there. Even a canning novice should have a few Kilners on hand! This jar is made with solid, thick glass construction to avoid breaking or cracking. The jar comes with a swinging clip-top jar that forms a tight seal. Then, with a very simple flip, you can re-open the jar, making it much easier than screwing and unscrewing twist lids! The size and shape of this jar makes it just as good as a storage jar, great for dry ingredients like coffee grounds, seeds, coarse seasonings and more! And when you're done eating or using whatever you had preserved and stored, this jar is fully dishwasher safe for simple cleanup! Just don't pour boiling water directly into the jars!

So why wait to start canning? You extend the life of your food, start up a canning cellar for long-term storage, or just make jam! Your imagination is the only limit. So start your canning adventure by ordering your Kilner 63.4oz Facetted Clip Top Jar today!

About Kilner:

Established in 1842 by John Kilner and Thornhill Lees, Kilner is an award-winning container brand, famous for their patented vacuum system, first introduced in 1900. Kilner focuses on simple food storage and preparation solutions. Kilner jars can be reused and refilled in many bulk food stores, and the Kilner glass is recyclable even after being broken, making it an environmentally friendly choice for food storage!

Facetted Clip Top Jar Features: 

Sturdy, pure glass and stainless steel
BPA-free material
Distinctive, nostalgic facetted design
Features stylish embossed logo
Perfect for canning jams, jellies, salsa and other foods
Can be used for storing dry foods and ingredients
Clip top allows for easy sealing and re-opening
Length: 5.31"
Width: 4.72"
Height: 10.31"
Capacity: 63.4oz
Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
Do not pour boiling water directly into the jar
Wash before first use
No Manufacturer Warranty