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Digital Candy + Deep Fry Thermometer

by Escali
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Blast your candy-making and frying skills to the next level with the Digital Candy + Deep Fry Thermometer! This handy tool offers preset options for the ideal temperature every time. With a lengthy 8.27” probe for safety and cleanliness, the digital thermometer boasts a sizable and user-friendly display, along with three audio cues to keep you on track. Plus, it comes with a heat/splatter guard and a vessel clip for added convenience. A must-have for holiday treats, turkey frying, and tasty homemade goodies.

  • Preset Temperatures - 10 preset temperatures for common candy making stages and deep frying oil temperatures.
  • Quick temperature measurement - Quick measurements within 7 seconds.
  • Audible Temperature Alerts - 3 different temperature alerts, let you know where you are in the cooking/candy making process.
  • Long Probe - The 8.27 inch long probe keeps your hand from getting too close to hot oil or candy during the cooking process.
  • Vessel Clip - Vessel clip allows the thermometer to be attached to a pot to easily monitor candy during the cooking process hands free.
  • Heat/Splatter Guard - The guard shields the thermometer main body from heat and helps keep it clean by acting as a splatter guard.
  • Probe sheath - Probe sheath protects the probe when not in use or during storage and includes candy and deep frying temperature chart.
  • Auto off - The auto-off feature saves battery life if the unit is left on. The unit automatically turns off after 60 minutes of inactivity.
  • Easy temperature adjustment - Easily adjust temperatures when cooking items other than candy or deep frying or when adjusting for elevation.