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Bacon Press Round

by HIC
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  • HIC Kitchen's Cast Iron Bacon Press for cooking crispier bacon without it shrinking or making a spattery mess
  • Made from cast iron with stay-cool wood handle; generous 7.75-inch cooking surface; fits 8-inch pans; safe for careful use in non-stick cookware too
  • Seasons easily before first use; wash and dry thoroughly, lightly coat fry pan and Bacon Press with cooking oil, and heat 20 minutes in the pan on low
  • Crisp bacon and sausage, press paninis, sear steaks and burgers, prevent pork chops from curling, press out whey when making cheese, yoghurt, and more
  • Cast iron distributes heat evenly; preheat for faster cooking times; hand wash, rinse, and dry thoroughly; coat lightly with cooking oil for storage