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Bar Muddler

by HIC
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HIC Bar's Stainless Steel Muddler mashes and crushes fruits, spices and herbs to infuse delicious flavors, aromas and essential oils into favorite beverages and cocktail recipes. Muddle mojito ingredients in just a few seconds, or mint for Mint Juleps, ginger root for Ginger Rogers, sugar cane syrup for Caipirinhas, a bitter and sugar cube for an Old Fashioned, and limes for Sazerac for B same. Fully sealed and liquid tight, it's dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. The rounded handle allows for a comfortable grip. It will quickly become a go-to bar accessories. Perfect for the occasional sipper of summer cocktails or the year-round mixologist. Compact enough to store with other bar supplies. Simply place ingredients to be muddled in the bottom of a sturdy glass or cocktail shaker. A glass that's too thin could break. Hold the muddler by the handle and press down lightly, giving the ingredients a few gentle twists until juices run from the fruit or the air takes on an herby aroma, depending on the ingredients. Over-muddling herbs can cause cocktails to taste bitter or 'grassy'. HIC's Stainless Steel Muddler allows complete control over the quality and results of each cocktail. The textured end easily extrudes juice from firmer fruits, like cherries or citrus, releases flavorful fragrances from aromatic spices, and gently extracts the essential oils from delicate mint leaves and other herbs. Made from stainless steel and polypropylene. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.