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Aged & Infused Refill Pack

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Our all-natural ingredient refill packs are designed to pour right back into a signature Aged & Infused kit. Add your booze, wait one week, enjoy a whole new kind of drink!

The Blue Sunday: This delicious mix of fruity and floral flavors is perfect for both light and dark spirits. Ingredients: Dehydrated blueberries, lemon, lavender. Recommended Spirits: Whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila


The Navel Gazer: Like Old Fashioneds? This infusion kit is for you! Tangy oranges combine with mulled spices to create a warm, classic flavor - perfect for sipping over ice. Ingredients: Dehydrated orange, cinnamon, clove. Recommended Spirits: Whiskey, bourbon


The Island Time: Ready for a getaway? This pineapple-packed infusion offers sweet, rich flavors with a subtly spicy finish. Ingredients: Dehydrated pineapples, fresh cinnamon, cayenne pepper. Recommended Spirits: Whiskey, vodka, rum


The Rose Ceremony: Take a walk in the garden with this delicious rose petal and raspberry infusion kit! A perfect balance of sweet and floral, it looks gorgeous on a bar cart and helps make your favorite cocktails a little more interesting. Ingredients: Dried rose petals, dehydrated raspberry. Recommended Spirits: Vodka, gin, tequila


The Hello Sunshine: Oh, how spring has sprung. This one’s inspired by those perfect, glowy April afternoons. The ones where the windows are open, the sun’s flooding in, and your favorite record is spinning. Juicy blood orange and soothing chamomile combine to add an instant springy touch to any cocktail. Ingredients: Dehydrated blood orange, dehydrated lemon, dried chamomile. Recommended Spirits: vodka, gin